Anna Calvi’s first single off ‘One breath’

Last week Anna Calvi released first official single from her upcoming album, ‘One Breath’. Well, certainly ‘Eliza’ is not going to be my favourite song of hers. It’s not bad, don’t get the wrong impression. It just ain’t what I loved about ‘Rider to the Sea’ or ‘Love Won’t Be Leaving’. But maybe I just need to give it a little more time. Wouldn’t be the first time… However even if it won’t convince me 100%, you can be sure that I’ll still be waiting for ‘One Breath’. Why? Well, I liked her debut a lot, that’s for one thing. And second: you should watch ‘One Breath’ album trailer. The song from it… It makes me expect something really, really good. Fortunately, if you pre-order new album on iTunes, you’ll get ‘Sing To Me’ right away. And album is scheduled for October, the 7th so… Not much longer before it comes out.

Mark Lanegan is getting closer

We are one month away from the release of new album by Mark Lanegan – ‘Imitations’ – scheduled for September, the 17th. As you probably have guessed, it’s going to be an album with covers. So why don’t we listen to first song that Mark let us hear some time ago?Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Mark Lanegan.

Teaser of new Polica’s album!

You may be aware that Poliça will be releasing their new album on October, the 21st (Europe) & 22nd (US), this year. If you’re interested, then I got some good news for you: ‘Shulamith’ (that’s the title of upcoming follow-up to their famous ‘Give You the Ghost’) teaser is on YouTube. In my opinion: that’s something worth waiting for! Check it out by yourselves.

UPDATE: I haven’t been posting for a while (sorry!), but if I’m already writing about new album, I might as well make this post more complete. So here’s a little update, with what I didn’t write last months: a tracklist and a first video off the ‘Shulamith’:

01 Chain My Name
02 Smug
03 Vegas
04 Warrior Lord
05 Very Cruel
06 Torre
07 Trippin
08 Tiff
09 Spilling Lines
10 Matty
11 I Need $
12 So Leave